Requiem For Her Lost Soul

She was just another girl and to see her mother leave after dropping her to school was much more gut-wrenching than her tears could have expressed. Oh! Poor baby. How she sniveled as the tears would roll down her rosy cheeks, slightly cracked as an evidence to the winter fun at her grandparents home in the countryside. This little girl would have known nothing more heartbreaking than the morning rituals she was accustomed to, where she had to let go of her mother’s hand. All day long she would wait for the moment when she would see her mother, peeping out of the crowd, making way just to reach to her little princess. Just a glimpse of her mother and she would fly like a bird to hug her and never let go. Every single second spent in school was narrated at home and her parents were to listen to it all. Sometimes her most favored stories would be repeated again and again but what more could the parents do, they were a victim to her charm. She grew up to be smarter and smarter, at least for her parents. Taking part in almost everything that came her way, she gave a new hope to her parents. They believed that someday, their little girl will make them proud. Such was the story of a little girl.

But one fine day, this little girl had to move out of the town, chasing her dreams. She was no more a little girl. Her eyes had more dreams than the sleepless nights she spent peeping out of her small window and wondering about all the good things. She would spend hours together, gazing at a constellation of stars, one shining brighter than the other. Her hair so long, brushing her hips as she walked, her eyes so flirtatious and her mind just wouldn’t stop wandering. She would easily shy away doing things she thought she might not be good at. And like any other girl, she fell for a charming neighbor boy next door. So it wasn’t all that easy leaving her loved ones behind but she did what she had to do.

A small town girl was now in the heart of a contemporary city where dreams become a reality. What more could she ask for? It had everything that she dreamt of owning and everything she couldn’t afford to have. The reality she was introduced to was moreover like living her fantasy. The skyscrapers would not allow the sun to reach her, the birds no more sang to wake her up and the stars would play hide and seek every now and then. But then again, the changes didn’t bother her.

Like any other girl, she fell for all the glittery bewitching things.

That little girl cried no more on not seeing her mother at the end of the day.

That little daddy’s princess stopped narrating her stories to her parents.

That little girl, in fact, could no more differentiate between reality and fantasy.

And yet, her parents believed, that someday, their little girl will make them proud.



                                               to be continued...........

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