Where, Oh Where could my baby be?

It was way back in 2013, I saw you for the first time in Bangalore. I was still pursuing my post graduation.

Good old days!!!

No, I didn’t personally know the man who adopted you. He was just my friend’s friend. So one fine day, this friend of mine came to me and told me, “Hey! My friend has adopted a new pup, wanna see her? He stays just a couple of minutes from here”. I have always been a dog lover; they give me the kind of joy which no human can ever compete with. So the moment I heard the word puppy, I was so delighted and the next thing I know is, I was holding you in my hand.

You were so tiny, so fragile and indeed one of the most beautiful creation of God. I guess you were just a month and a half old. Your tiny paws. Ah! I still remember them so vividly. Just a handful and you fell asleep in my hand a couple of times. Little did I know that we would be best friends and yet I would lose you someday.

Just to get a glimpse of your pretty face, i visited your place often. I saw you crawling, falling and even picked you up a couple of times from the ground fearing that you might have hurt yourself. Then, you would lick all over my face, assuring that you are all right. I saw you grow honey, till the time you could barely fit in my lap as well and, today you’re gone.

Due to my tight college schedule, I could barely meet you during the weekdays but the weekend compensated for all of it. I remember picking you up every Friday, after college and taking you to my place. Wasn’t it a farmhouse for you? Where you could do every possible thing you ever wanted to do. No one would stop you, hit you or scold you for doing so. And oh! How you love playing fetch with a slipper :). Still brings a smile on my face. Just a slipper in my hand and you would be the most disciplined girl ever, hoping that I would throw the slipper, you would fetch it and then tear it apart.
And yes, the face licks. Oh, you would just cover my face with your slimy,sticky and foul smelling saliva. I hated how I had to wash my face, everytime you licked it. And how I crave for those face licks now. Had I known, I would never get to see you, i don’t know what I would have done. Like already saying goodbye while leaving Bangalore wasn’t tough enough.



Remember the time we went for a farmhouse party at my friends place? You surely had so much more fun than me as i just couldn’t stop being a typical mom that I am. And the moment you jumped into the pool, my heart just skipped a beat. I was scared you won’t be able to swim. Silly me :). My friends were a bit annoyed as I wouldn’t leave you out of my sight. And at home, my folks were disappointed because how much they would love to pamper you but for you, I was your only true friend. You would follow me everywhere I go, be it kitchen or bathroom. And yet I left you. Maybe this is why you punished me.

I still remember the day I came to say goodbye before leaving the city. You were in the terrace playing with Max. I could see the excitement on your face. You were so glad that I had come to take you home, a home which was no more mine. You ran from one end to the other, jumped on top of me and sat next to the place where your belt is usually kept. I was shattered to break your heart that day baby. You were hoping i would take you along with me but I had come to bid farewell. No matter how much I cry, it would still be no less than crocodile tears as I had already decided to leave. I didn’t even for once, think about you. How selfish of me? After spending some good time with you, I started walking down the stairs. Max, a jolly kid, followed me but you didn’t. Many a times, you have managed to get through the narrow bars of the gate and run towards the street following me. But this time, you didn’t. You just put up a gloomy face and looked at me from the terrace as I walked away.

And today, you decided to punish me by vanishing into thin air? I don’t know whether you are in good health or not. May God forbid but I don’t even know whether you’re alive or not. All I know is, YOU ARE LOST.





Someone might have stolen you or you just walked into the wild and couldn’t find your way back. It breaks my heart to know that, next time, when I visit the city, you won’t be there.

Why am i having so much of negative thoughts?

There are chances of some good family adopting you. Or you find a way back home and i get to see you yet another time. Why am i being so hopeless? Maybe, next time when I visit Bangalore, I would find you in the same old place and you would come running towards me, as excited as you used to be with your tiny look alike. And how can I forget, you were pregnant. My baby was two months pregnant. It would have been such a delight to play with those little ones.

My Baby!! Wherever you are, please come home. I just can’t bear the thought of losing you.


Come home, soon….my love.

Come home.


3 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where could my baby be?

  1. Dear Bhaini, here’s what I have decided after going through your post. Wherever I see any puppy which looks alike ‘Cupcake’, I would just call out the name assuming its her and who knows if I might see her one day since I am here xx


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